Most Stupid Remedies Of All Time

The Early Americans had so very weird ideas when it came to treating acne. Don’t try these at home!  

One of the ideas for losing the pimples was to apply fresh urine to the pimples.  Now, if this didn’t work, you could always try using the water from old tree stumps. Em, no, neither work, so don’t even think about it. 

Do you have a sore throat?

Well, the British had a cure for this. Just wrap your dirty socks around your neck and you’re all set!.  Now, as a nurse I’m trying to wrap my head (or neck) around this one. The only thing I can figure out is that it could have possibly been to alert other family members that you were sick and to steer clear. Hmmm, I think I’ll stick with throat lozengers.

If you were suffering from memory loss back in the day, you could try coating garlic cloves in chocolate to help those brain cells kick back into gear.  Now, while this one sounds crazy it does make some sense since garlic and chocolate are loaded with antioxidants and antioxidants do protect the brain. “Anyone for some chocolate-covered-garlic-cloves?” Nah, I think I’ll stick with chocolate raisins, thanks!

The Chinese had some, well, interesting ideas about curing bruises. Grab an egg and a coin minted before 1964.  Boil the egg and place the silver coin inside the egg. Place on the bruise and viola, the bruise it cured. What an eggcellent idea!

Tobacco for an earache? Yep! Try blowing the cigarette smoke into the ear, or rubbing the ear with tobacco.  Apparently poor Elvis Presley’s Mother did this quite often when the king had an earache. Not only is this pretty gross, but you should never be blowing in folk’s ears…Gawd!

Okay, now this one is really nuts!  Apparently an Old English remedy for boils was to place a poultice onto the boils.  Leave it there for several hours, and then put the poultice in the coffin of a corpse.  The rationale? Well, the boils would be passed on to the corpse and would free the person suffering. Wow, just wow!

Gizzards, (according to folks a couple of hundred years ago) work great for babies with diarrhea. Cut the lining from the chicken gizzards and allow them to dry.  Once dry, make a tea from them and give one teaspoon to the baby each hour.  No, it doesn’t work, so don’t get any ideas. 

The poor people with Rheumatoid arthritis were advised to kill a rattlesnake, before skinning and drying it and adding the remains to corn whiskey. Then,…you got it, drink it.  
Now this is just old wives tale nonsense, or is it?  According to a study that was conducted at Israel’s Shuval Institute for Science, snake venom contains peptides that contain amino acids that turn off the pain signal to the brain.  Which is quite handly when you are attempting to immobilize prey. But we don’t advocate trying this one till it’s been further investigated. 

Back pain?
Listen for the Cuckoo call. In jolly ole England, there was a belief that people with back pain followed to the letter. Lie on your back and when you hear the cuckoo call roll over three times. I wish it were this simple!
Perhaps they didn’t have 500LB patients back then. 

Who needs doctors and nurses when you have all these great remedies?

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