Federal Court is Cracking Down on Nurses Who Divert Drugs

The nurse could still work provided she was compliant with her responsibilities of random drug screens, AA meetings, and complete transparency. 

But the drug epidemic continued to escalate, as did the number of nurses becoming addicted every day.  Drugs are attractive to nurses because nurses have stressful jobs, access to powerful medications and the mentality that they won’t become addicted because they can recognize the signs and stop the activity before it gets to the point of no return. 

Unfortunately, nurses, just like all addicts realize they’re an addict when it’s too late. Federal court has now stepped in and is swiftly prosecuting these nurses, especially when the nurse is guilty of actually diverting narcotics that were meant for a patient and the patient doesn’t get their medication as a result.  Apparently, stealing narcotics is one thing, but if the nurse is stealing from a patient that’s another ball game entirely, in their eyes.