Nurse is Assaulted and Arrested By A Police Officer For Following Hospital Protocol

Payne claims that he was instructed to arrest the nurse for interfering with a police investigation if she refused to allow the specimen 

Wubbels said she never told Payne “no.” She merely explained the hospital policy to him and the importance of being a patient’s advocate, especially when they are unconscious. 

on July 26, the patient, (who was never identified) was driving a  semi when he was hit by a man in a pickup truck who was fleeing from police. 

The vehicles exploded and killed  Marcos Torres, 26 instantly. 

How do you feel about this article? 

I think there is a very slippery slope here, allowing none-nurses to do medical procedures. This seemed to begin when pharmacist decided it would be a great idea to open little clinics within grocery stores to administer injections. 

Now we have police officers who haven’t got a clue how to deal with patients, nor do they have any knowledge of the nurse practice act, board of nursing regulations and hospital protocol. 

When I worked in surgery we had a police officer who came in with an inmate who needed a medical procedure.  The patient was cuffed to the bed and the police officer insisted that he be in the operating room with the patient. 

He told me that he needed to make sure the patient didn’t escape. I looked him square in the face and said, “he’s handcuffed to the bed and he’s unconscious!!! How in the world will he escape?” 

This was against our hospital’s policy, but he didn’t want to hear it. He knew nothing about sterile technique or how to act in an operating room setting and it was totally inappropriate for him to be in there.