The “Angel of Death” Story of Serial Killer Nurse Was Televised This Evening

During an interview with 60 minutes, Cullen admitted that he knew what he was doing wasn’t right  “but I don’t know if I would have stopped.”
“I thought that people weren’t suffering anymore. So, in a sense, I thought I was helping,”
When asked to explain his actions to the families of his victims he said, “It felt like I needed to do something and I did. And that’s not an answer to anything.”
Several books have been written about the case, “The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder,” “Angel of Death: The Shocking True Story of Charles Cullen” and “Death Angel.”
There have been several lawsuits, by family members of the victims,  against the facilities that employed the former registered nurse. Most cases in Pensylvania have been dismissed, but there was a settlement in New Jersey from the hospitals that employed the nurse in that state.