Do We Have a Nursing Crisis?

Another aspect of the nursing shortage is the baby boomer generation. They are retiring and they’re not all being replaced because there are not enough nurses in the workforce and not nearly enough are graduating from nursing schools to care for the rising healthcare needs.  

The stress nurses endure is way beyond the stress of many other occupations because nurses are dealing with people’s lives. It’s not simple burnout anymore, it’s getting to the point that nurses are quitting the profession because they can no longer deal with the stress of excess work, bullying and having your license dangled over your head if you make one mistake. Nurses are expected to be robots. The saying, “to err is human,” doesn’t include nurses.  Make one medication mistake and it could kill someone or cost you your nursing license. No wonder nurses are stressed to the point of resigning and hanging up their nursing caps. 

Nurses confess to being so overwhelmed that they no longer care about anything, their jobs are not rewarding any longer, instead, they can’t wait to leave at the end of their shift.