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  • I am looking for some information regarding the FNP programs and transfer of credit hours for FNP. I would like to have an online program that will take the credits I have already earned from another online FNP program.
    It’s not like I only have 4 or 5 credits. I have a8 credit hours right now and I would hate to lose those. I need to change…[Read more]

  • Tetanus shots hurt a lot. As long as you used proper technique you should be fine. I remember when I was about to take my finals I had to have a tetanus shot and I was also getting a flu shot. The nurse told me that the Tetanus shot would hurt and asked me which arm I wanted it in. I am right handed, so I told her to please make sure that you put…[Read more]

Bling Nurse

Bling Nurse


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