Application for nurses to to join the group for nurses facing disciplinary action by the board and nurses in recovery

Welcome to By filling out this form you are requesting to join the private group for nurses facing disciplinary action by the board of nursing and nurses in recovery.  All applications will be reviewed by the group admin before approval.

While there are many educated and experienced nurses in this group, we are not attorneys. Please seek the advice of a licensed, nurse attorney for any legal questions,

The opinions of the members of this group do not represent and assumes no responsibility for any of the claims, education or posts in this site.

Nurses who have been involved in any capacity with the boards of nursing in any state are not welcome here.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to at

Once we have reviewed your application and we decide to accept it, we will send you a friend request and once accepted you will be able to access the group.

The group is private, but not hidden. Which means that people will see small snippets of discussions on internet indexes. We do this to help other nurses who are desperately looking for help from nurses experiencing the same things, be able to find us. However, if you are not a member of the group when you click on the index it will not take you to the actual post. It will explain that you must be a member to view the group information.

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Letter of "Cease and Desist," "letter of probation." "letter of acceptance into the alternative to discipline program."
We want to help as many nurses as we can through this process.
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You understand that by joining this group none of the members are attorneys and will not be able to give you attorney advice. This group consists of nurses who are very seasoned dealing with the boards and have dealt with the board of nursing in every state. We know that the board of nursing is corrupt and must be stopped. Most of the stipulations and disciplinary action they give nurses is not only unfair but is typically made by groups who are unelected officials who are abusing their power and terrorizing nurses everywhere. Most of the time they sit around a table determining rules and regulations that they enforce to ruin the lives of nurses. The positive thing here is that rules and regulations are much easier to change than bills and laws. Their worst nightmare is for nurses to unite and fight back against this cruel and life destroying treatment they are responsible for. If you want to help to change these regulations, please do so by starting a thread with the name of your state and asking other nurses to stand with you in your fight. Contact state legislators and if they don't want to listen then keep contacting them till they do. The nurses in this group give advice based on their experiences. It is up to you to decide whether to take their advice and does not assume any legal responsibility for any information discussed in this group. I also understand that this is a PRIVATE group and nothing in this group is to be discussed outside the group, unless you are granted in writing approval to do so, by the author and the admin of the group. The group will not appear in searches of Google. However, private does not mean that the group is hidden. a small excerpt of each topic and replies will be indexed by Google. However, if you are not a member of the group and you click on the Google link you will not be able to access any further information. We did this so that nurses who need help can find us easier.