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  • Lindsay,
    Did you have a lawyer to help with the resinstatement process or did you do it alone?
    Let me know!

  • And yes my attorney was Rachel sindell an NP that works with the board of nursing.

  • I know what I signed and it is a fair consent agreement for what I have done. I’m in ohio and my consent agreement is public on the website Sheena Lee.

  • My consent agreement is for conditions for my reinstatement. Which is suspension retroactive to feb 2018 when I placed my license on inactive status. I was an NP that forged narcs for personal use. I ended up getting an intervention program through the courts. Which involves me completing treatment and my criminal record wiped clean. Thank God.…[Read more]

  • So, after paying $2500 to a lawyer. She worked out a consent agreement for me. Now I’m on my own for the reinstatement process. Would anyone advise going through this process alone? Or should I hire another lawyer?

  • I’m excited to say I start my process for reinstatement next week. Which requires one year of drug screens, weekly NA meetings, refresher course, continuing education. Well, I’m sure you all know the routine for addiction. I’m just thrilled to have another chance at life and getting my NP license back. I however, don’t think it’s fair for the r…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone! My name is Sheena and I’m a nurse practitioner in recovery. I’ve been sober for 1 year. A couple years ago I had surgery and was prescribed Percocet for my pain. It only took about a week before I was hooked. Not only did it help my pain it also made my depression fade and boost my energy. So, my addiction caused me to abuse my pre…[Read more]

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