• Abilgale BSN posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I just joined this website. Seems very interested

    • Yes, it is interesting to see something different on the internet. I think this is the first website that has actual groups for each specialty and it looks like you can also create your own group if you want and even make it private. That’s pretty cool

      • Yes, I think this site is pretty good. It’s something that nurses need as we are getting tired of Facebook. I have stopped using that altogether.

        • From what I understand Nurseboards.com has been around for a while, but it crashed because it was hit by a virus and they were unable to retrieve the backup of the site. So they pretty much started over. I thought it was a great website then, but I think it is even better now. It gives nurses an opportunity to talk to one another without the crazy traffic of other non-medical folks on other websites.

          • Yes, and it looks easy to create a group. I think I’m going to let others know about it in my unit at work. It would be great to have a group to come to that was all the nurses in our unit. Great idea