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My journey to weight loss, better health and serenity

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    My journey to weight loss, better health and serenity. Hello all and welcome to this group. My name is Michelle. I am a retired nurse and the admin of this group. It is great to have so many members already.

    I wanted to tell you all that I am 49 and have been on over 20 cruises/ Actually I have lost count of all the cruises I have been on. Now please bear in mind that I am not telling you that to brag. I am telling you because I have had a difficult time over the last ten years or so, not gaining weight on these cruises because there are so many lovely things to eat on there.

    After a while, the pounds really do add up. So I have started a program to lose weight. I am 5ft 11inches so I am fortunate that my weight gain doesn’t make me really look “fat”, but more chunky.

    Last year I began the Keto diet. For those of you who are not familiar with this diet, it’s not really a diet, it’s a way of life. Around August of last year, I weighed 189lbs. I knew I had to do something or I would quickly be over the 200lb mark and that, for me would have been devastating.

    Here is how Keto works in simple terms. Basically, your body needs fuel to run, just like a car needs gas. In fact, a completely sedentary person still needs about 800 calories a day to merely function and control all the body’s organs properly.

    The body will always use carbs first and when it runs out of carbs it will begin to burn protein. So, if you don’t give your body many carbs it will begin to burn protein. When it starts to do this, it is said that you are in ketosis and essentially burning fat very rapidly.

    I have tried pretty much every diet out there including Nutrisystem, South Beach, Alli pills and countless others. For some reason, something so simple as losing weight baffles so many of us.

    I thought deeply about this diet before I began it and realized that I could have all the food I wanted, just the right kinds of food. Unfortunately, I was a carb addict and didn’t even realize I was till I tried to get off them.

    I started by cutting out bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice. I began eating meat, cheese, and low carb vegetables, To tell you the truth I felt awful. I just had no energy and thought that any diet that said you cannot have fruit was not exactly healthy.

    So I decided to put my own spin on this keto diet and low and behold it worked. I decided that I wouldn’t eat bananas, because they are very high carb, but I would eat berries, apples, pears, peaches, grapes, cherries and all types of melons.

    Of course, I didn’t stay in ketosis, but it worked. I am now down to 153lbs, which is about 13LBS from my goal weight.
    When I get up in the morning I drink a whole bottle of water. Then if I am hungry I eat fruit. If I am really hungry I will make some boiled eggs, or have an apple with some natural peanut butter that doesn’t contain any extra sugar.

    To me this all makes sense. Think about the human diet thousands of years ago. We ate meat and other protein and gathered as many fruits and nuts as we could. That was our diet. So we predominately burned protein and fructose which is low on the glycemic index.

    But then we gained access to sugar cane and the world went crazy for sugar. They added sugar to everything. The ingredients in most foods in the supermarket is nothing but junk filled with sugar.

    We cannot possibly have both without gaining weight. So we stuff our faces with both sugar(the bad kind) fat and protein. What do you think is going to happen?

    This isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life. I no longer live to eat, I eat to live. I eat simple foods and processed crap is a no go for me.

    I’m not a dietitian. I am a retired nurse that has tried so many of these diets that just do not work and leave us so frustrated.

    So I vowed not to eat anything sweet unless it was fruit. Most of my meals contain, lean meat, fish, eggs, and shellfish, along with vegetables. The other thing I have done is cut out soft drinks. But I really missed my ice tea and I hate artificial sugar. It’s terrible for you and now they’re finding out it can even cause strokes and other horrible health effects.

    Even Stevia, which has been used for hundreds of years in Asia still has a mild aftertaste to me, and I just don’t like it. So that was my only dilemma.

    I decided to do some research and found something called Monk Fruit. Here is the link to where I get mine.
    I have found this to be the best and it doesn’t have ANY aftertaste. The reason it is not made in the USA is because this fruit only grows in Asia and it has so much sugar in the actual fruit that it goes bad quickly, so it cannot be imported.
    It is a bit expensive, but to me, if you add up what you were paying for junk food, I think you will find it’s much cheaper in the long run.

    I use it to add to my ice tea each time I make a batch and it measures just like sugar. It’s the perfect sugar for diabetics and is very low on the glycemic index. I also add it to fruit and make fruit smoothies with it.

    Anyway. I also wanted to talk about yoga here.

    When I was a little girl I began taking ballet, jazz and modern dance lessons. I loved it and started at about age 4. I continued to dance until I was about 16. But because of my height, I knew that I could never be a ballerina. So I gave up my dream and stopped dancing.

    I have done yoga on and off throughout my life, but nothing too serious. I have now had my husband build me a gym and add mirrors, a fantastic weight machine and I recently bought a ballet barre.

    I am finally doing something I love again, and it’s not to lose weight. It’s for good health and feeling well. I am absolutely loving it. I also go to a gym nearby because they have an Olympic size pool there as well as some great workout equiptment.

    Let me stress to you though, losing weight is about 10 percent working out and 90 percent what you’re putting in your mouth.
    So I am challenging all of you to try the diet I am doing. Of course ask your doctor first, if it will be okay. But I have never felt better in my life.

    The other thing is that you must watch your portion control. I often put my food on my plate in the amount I used to eat and then remove half of it and put it in a container for the next day. At first, it seems like you are not getting enough food, but you should be eating 6 or more small meals a day.

    If I am hungry, I munch on grapes or melon and if I am really hungry I grab a couple of pieces of cheese.

    There is a yoga program that is a 30 challenge just for beginners and it has been wonderful for me. Here is the link to the videos. They are on Amazon. Yoga

    It’s a wonderful program and there is no time like the present to start. So come with me on this journey to wellness, peace, tranquility and weight loss. I will post some pictures of my progress soon

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