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I was appalled to read that a doctor has been accused of murder in 25 patient overdose deaths today

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    I was appalled to read that a doctor has been accused of murder in 25 patient overdose deaths today.  Apparently, this has been all over the news. 48 nurses and pharmacists have also been reported for carrying out the orders for this physician.

    You can read the article here:

    This is palliative care people. These are patients that are dying and nothing else can be done, but make them comfortable. If that means they are given a little too much medication and it hastens their inevitable death then that is a very humane way to die. I believe there are a lot of Hospice nurses that would agree here.

    This is getting out of control. People die and I believe it’s cruel to try to stop them by hydrating them, feed them and put PICC lines in them. Family members need to understand that there are many procedures conducted on patients that are completely cruel, just for the sake of the family members and their selfish wishes.  If you love your family, let them die when it is that time.

    The news media wants you to believe that this doctor was incompetent and intentionally murdered people and as a result of that, the nurses and pharmacists involved are also certain to be disciplined, possibly lose their licenses and possibly end up in prison, along with the doctor.

    If this nonsense continues patients who are suffering while they are dying will be left to suffer because physicians, pharmacists, and nurses will be too afraid to give them the pain medication they desperately need to die in a dignified and comfortable way.

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    Crazy Greyhound Nurse
    Crazy Greyhound Nurse
    @Crazy Greyhound Nurse

    Firstly, I would just like to say how sick I am of hearing media people mispronounce the word Fentanyl. It is NOT pronounced “Febtenol.” That is driving me insane.

    I completely agree with you here. I think it’s ironic that they want to talk about how we should leave it in God’s hands, yet, they want to stick tubes everywhere to try to have a terminally ill patient miraculously recover because they believe that “their” family couldn’t possibly be dying. Is quite sickening to see some of the things medical professionals have to do. Not for the patient, but for the family, when it really would never be the patients’ wishes to suffer and prolong their agony.

    I don’t think anyone would want to die that way and if left to God, if that’s what you believe in, the patient would already be dead.
    It’s a shame it’s such a slippery slope and that nurses and doctors are trying to do their best to please the family, the law and the media, when in reality the only one we should be concerned about pleasing is the patient.

    I think you are right that this is a road that is going to lead to patients dying in true agony because physicians, nurses, and pharmacists have been put in such a horrible position that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They will fear losing their license, careers and being labeled criminals so much so, that no patient will recieve enough pain control.

    All narcotic medications are a respiratory suppressant and that is just the way it is. How do we know how much is too much. Sometimes, patients are so weak that a normal dose for a healthy adult would be enough to kill them because of their weakened and compromised state and the natural decreased respirations of a patient who is transitioning from life to death that giving them a normal dose is enough to kill them. Are they going to call that murder too?

    Here we go again with nonmedical professionals, lawmakers and the media getting involved in making laws for which they know nothing about. A sad state of affairs for sure.

    I think if every palliative care nurse was allowed to be honest they would all tell you that they have given so many doses of narcotics and sedatives to patients that they knew were going to kill the patient that they had lost count, every single one of them would admit to it. It’s just the way it is and I believe it is the right thing to do. I am not there to make the family comfortable, I am there to make the patient comfortable.

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