This group is a private group. It’s the first of its kind, developed for nurses who are facing disciplinary action by the board of nursing and it is also for nurses who are struggling with addiction. Here you can discuss sensitive matters related to your situation, in PRIVATE. I have seen countless nurses discussing their cases with others on public forums where prying eyes can see. It’s because of this that I have created this group.
Nurses who are being disciplined by the board feel lost, incredibly insecure, confused, petrified and hopeless. I know this because I’ve been there and until you experience this yourself you cannot begin to understand. When I went through the process I had no one to turn to and there were no groups like this one for me to find other nurses who were experiencing the same horrifying experience.
Because this group is private it cannot be accessed without going through the acceptance procedure. You will only qualify for access to this group if you are facing disciplinary action by the board, and.or you are suffering from addiction. Please follow this link to begin your acceptance to the group by filling out an application.

Nurses are being treated unfairly by the board of nursing all over the United States

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    Terica Stone

    Nurses being treated unfairly by the board of nursing all over the United States. Nurses all over the United States are continually treated unfairly by the board of nursing in their state.

    It can be life changing when a nurse falls into addiction and is disciplined by the BON.

    Nurses spend their lives caring for others. But when they become chemically dependent they face grave consequences. Not only are they shunned by their peers, but they often lose their jobs.

    When a nurse is disciplined by the board, they are often given probation for as long as five years. This probation usually consists of signing up for outrageously priced random drug screens, 12 step meetings three times a week, psychiatric evaluations that cost hundreds of dollars, counseling requirements, and many other requirements.

    They are unable to find work as a nurse because there are pages of details about their case plastered all over the Internet for any prospective employer to view, and they are also reported to the Office of the Inspector General

    Without hope of finding a job as a nurse, they turn to seeking employment in another field. Only to find that employers refuse to hire them elsewhere when they discover what transpired with the board. If they decide to pursue another profession they are often stunned to find they cannot work in any profession that requires a professional license, because of their history with nursing. There are so many career choices that require a professional license these days, even cosmetology or real estate aren’t options.

    Many of these nurses become homeless and live in their cars. They have to go on welfare and food Stamps just to survive.

    If they choose to fight for their license they usually need an attorney to help them deal with their case and fight back against the board. But with no funds to pay for a lawyer, they frequently have to face the board without legal counsel. The board has their own attorneys that are ready to nail these nurses to the cross, and some nurses are so overwhelmed that they surrender their license that they have worked so hard for.

    Even if they do follow the board’s stipulations to the letter and can have their license reinstated in good standing, there will still be disciplinary action records on file, and these records can stay on their license for as long as 20 years. There are people who murder and walk free after only five years. This simply isn’t fair. But nurses are held accountable for their actions for decades

    We want to fight back. But we need your help. Please sign this petition to help us in our plight to protect nurses and petition state legislators to change some of these laws. We have our work cut out for us, and we need to unite to contact state representative in each state and ask for fairer treatment.

    We want cheaper drug screens. is the board approved company that provides screening for nurses who are forced to take random and often embarrassing urine screens. They charge a ridiculous amount for testing, and their fees do not include the expense of the lab that conducts the screening. We want a cheaper solution to these tests. Nurses are also forced to call in every single day for as long as five years to see if they have been selected for screening. With costs like this, the company should be calling the nurse to notify them of testing requirements,

    AA or NA meetings are often required during probationary periods, and if you are non-religious, you are still forced to attend if you want to keep your license. Although these organizations claim to be non-religious, I have never attended one meeting that did not require you to pray to God and state the serenity prayer at the conclusion of the meeting.
    Nurses should be able to attend any support group, or meeting, even meetings online to meet this requirement. We should not have to be subjected to religion to keep our licenses.

    Once nurses have met the guidelines and requirements for reinstatement, they should have unrestricted licenses that do not reflect disciplinary action by the board. This would enable nurses to obtain employment without the embarrassment caused by revealing prior discipline against their license.

    We believe in second chances for everything in America, including hardened criminals. Society does not offer forgiveness to nurses who have made mistakes in their past. Let’s end this now by signing this petition and helping nurses all over America regain their lives.

    If you are a nurse who has faced (or is currently facing) disciplinary action from the BON and you feel like nurses are being treated unfairly by the board of nursing, you can join our support group for nurses.

    If you want to help in any way, please contact us on to offer your insights into the dilemma nurses are facing. We need as many nurses as we can find to offer support to other nurses and insight into actions that can be taken against this unfair and cruel treatment.

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