This group is a private group. It’s the first of its kind, developed for nurses who are facing disciplinary action by the board of nursing and it is also for nurses who are struggling with addiction. Here you can discuss sensitive matters related to your situation, in PRIVATE. I have seen countless nurses discussing their cases with others on public forums where prying eyes can see. It’s because of this that I have created this group.
Nurses who are being disciplined by the board feel lost, incredibly insecure, confused, petrified and hopeless. I know this because I’ve been there and until you experience this yourself you cannot begin to understand. When I went through the process I had no one to turn to and there were no groups like this one for me to find other nurses who were experiencing the same horrifying experience.
Because this group is private it cannot be accessed without going through the acceptance procedure. You will only qualify for access to this group if you are facing disciplinary action by the board, and.or you are suffering from addiction. Please follow this link to begin your acceptance to the group by filling out an application.

Group for nurses facing disciplinary action

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    Good evening everyone,

    I would like to give all the new people a very warm welcome. We have had so many nurses join this group this week and I am completely amazed.

    Keep up the good work. Tell everyone you can about the group. Let them know how to join and give them the link to the group. Thanks to all of you who are already doing this. I know it’s tedious because I do it too, but if you want this movement to be successful then we have to have a team approach and the stronger our numbers are, the more people will pay attention to us.

    We are no longer one nurse “some lone addict complaining about the way the BON has treated her.” Instead, we are a group of nurses who deserve to be listened to and are not going away until we are.

    It’s like anything else in life, you get results when you have the numbers. So we need NUMBERS. We need nurses who have been treated like dirt to come forward and say “enough is enough. we are gonna do something about this.”

    We are the pioneers of a brand new movement that will work if we work it. If everyone can commit to one hour a day of work to promote this group then we can get the numbers we need to fight back in every single state in this nation.

    This group has already grown exponentially and I am so proud of all of you for being brave and coming forward to offer your stories to me. Most of them are heartbreaking. But they are the fuel that lights my fire to do something.

    There are three kinds of people in this world. The ones that make things happen, the ones that watch things happen and the ones that say, “what happened?” which one are you?

    It’s time to fight back nurses! :

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