This group is a private group. It’s the first of its kind, developed for nurses who are facing disciplinary action by the board of nursing and it is also for nurses who are struggling with addiction. Here you can discuss sensitive matters related to your situation, in PRIVATE. I have seen countless nurses discussing their cases with others on public forums where prying eyes can see. It’s because of this that I have created this group.
Nurses who are being disciplined by the board feel lost, incredibly insecure, confused, petrified and hopeless. I know this because I’ve been there and until you experience this yourself you cannot begin to understand. When I went through the process I had no one to turn to and there were no groups like this one for me to find other nurses who were experiencing the same horrifying experience.
Because this group is private it cannot be accessed without going through the acceptance procedure. You will only qualify for access to this group if you are facing disciplinary action by the board, and.or you are suffering from addiction. Please follow this link to begin your acceptance to the group by filling out an application. Link to apply for acceptance to the group

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.