This group is for nurses to discuss general nursing topics.

  • Well, first of all when you talk about challenges there are many different types of challenges. Some challenges encourage us to use our critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills. Some challenges depend on your maturity level. Some challenges are how well you do time management and as you have said you have learned time management skills…[Read more]

  • There are so many opportunities for you to use your cognitive skills regardless of the specialty that you choose. It really just depends on you. If you want to be all in, then do it and seek more challenging opportunities. Speak to the nurse educator in your department in whatever specialty you decide to choose and see if there are ways that you…[Read more]

  • If I were you I would stop taking them about a week before you are screened. Many of the drug screens don’t include checking for Benzos, but you just don’t know that. So to be safe I would make sure you avoid them for a week.

    Benzos stay in your system for a longer period than you would think.

    If you are caught and have to answer questions I…[Read more]

  • The most wonderful thing about nursing is it there are so many Specialties that if you get tired of one you can always turn to another. Of course, you have the typical busy pipe specialties such as emergency nursing, trauma nursing, operating room nursing, ICU nursing.

    I think all of these Specialties offer a diverse opportunity to interact and…[Read more]

  • So I had this patient ask me are you an RN or LPN I said LPN ,she said why don’t you go back to school you would make a good nurse

  • Tetanus shots hurt a lot. As long as you used proper technique you should be fine. I remember when I was about to take my finals I had to have a tetanus shot and I was also getting a flu shot. The nurse told me that the Tetanus shot would hurt and asked me which arm I wanted it in. I am right handed, so I told her to please make sure that you put…[Read more]

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