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The problem is after coming here, I am now not even sure I will be able to find work if I try to get my license back. I don’t have enough funds to go down wrong pathways anymore. My wife will get disability in a couple years for an over whelming amount of $500 a month. I currently own my own business, because the person was part con artist and I was really in no shape to be buying a business that was every penny I had. I did turn it around and it is now supporting the family. However, as I stated earlier that will change next year with new regulations. I also had to cut the staff, I have not had a day off in 7 months. AS I said I started using after, I can not even take a day off to deal with it. I am working on this. I have just found some potential jobs and how since there are quite a few of them, I hope I can get work from one, Near me there are lots of medical related sales companies. I have the medical background and I now sale in a sense, so I have experience. I found that I am pretty good at it.