excellent, thank you. I am sure I am not the only one weighing options here. Should I even try to get my license back? I have found that many things you think you can do after losing a nursing licence are blocked off probably because they require a professional license.I studied for and took my series 7, one of the hardest tests in the world and found that because I had surrendered my license finding a job would almost be impossible and renewing my insurance license which you also needed had a high potential of being turned down. One bad decision and forever marked.

Anyway knowing which areas both hire nurses trying to fix their license and potential job opportunities outside nursing that will not be automatically turned down is knowledge, Knowledge is power. I was different here. I actually started using drugs after I lost my license. I should say after taking the series 7 and finding it useless. It helps the fear and feeling of utter worthlessness I feel all the time. As I learn my options it is helping me to stop. My wife is very sick and my special needs kids need me. I took my daughter out for our first daddy-daughter date in nearly a year, she just turned 13. It was 90 minutes long but, she was on cloud 9 and happy for 3 days. I need to be there for them. Going to restart AA meetings too,

Thank you, sorry for venting,