Nurse Delivers Baby on Plane-Considers it a Miracle!

The mother is also a nurse at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville and she was calm and relaxed through the entire birth. 

“She kept apologizing, and I said, ‘Honey, this is out of your control,’” said Bledose.  

Bledose wrapped the baby in a blanket and the pilot diverted the plane to Charleston, South Carolina. 

“I just kept praying, and every breath, I just kept saying, ‘Keep doing it baby, keep doing it,’” said Bledose.

When the pilot began landing the plane  Bledose got down on her knees and held the  baby tight.

Bledose said, “I was just hanging on to mom and baby, and I said, ‘Just land, and we’ll be OK,’ and we were.”

Both mother and baby were immediately transported to the hospital. Bledose continued on to Orlando, her home. She was so thankful she participated in what she considered a miracle.

“I believe that God puts you where you need to be. I truly believe that ” Bledose said.