Nurse Fired for Praying With Patients Prior to Surgery

She said she realized that she did not have patient consent to discuss personal beliefs with patients when she began working in pre-op, but said she was more aware once she was given a warning. 

Mrs Kuteh said it was not her intent to imposed her religious beliefs on others, but she did tell them how her faith had helped her.

One patient said she felt uncomfortable when she gave her a Bible, even though the patient insisted that she didn’t want one. Another patient was annoyed that Mrs Kuteh said she would pray for her.  Several days later Kuteh was fired and her appeals for re-hire have been denied. 

Mrs Kuteh has teamed up with the Christian Legal Center and they plan on meeting with the Trust to inform them that the disciplinary process was unfair and mishandled. 

The trust said: ‘We have a duty to our patients that when they are at their most vulnerable they are not exposed to unsolicited beliefs and/ or views, religious or otherwise. We feel we have acted appropriately in this case.’